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About Us

Minera / About Us

Our story

Batis family shop starts many years back when we first started to paint and learning about painting styles and techniques! We were always engaged to learn and see new things. So we decided to follow our dream. 


We established our little shop in Exarhia Street and we started working, selling and learning all kinds of stuff around painting. We followed all latest news and shows and as always we were sharing all our information and products with you !


Thank you all for following us to our journey and passion for painting, and we hope we will serve your needs with the best quality and prices!

Where art, quality & friendly people meet

  • Huge Collection and Categories
    We have numerous categories of items and materials to choose from and also we can guide you to pick the best for your needs.


  • Follow Trending
    We can assure you that we have the latest trendings in items and also we can share with you our knowledge.


  • Low Prices, Competitive Quality
    As far concerning our quality it is always the best you can find at the lowest prices of the market.
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