hahnemuhle fine art papers and blocks

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hahnemuhle artist paper books

Sketch Pad

120 gsm or 190 gsm - glued on top or spiral bound with mico perforation

The pad covers with their clear design are akin to the paper within. An unobtrusive, exclusive sketch paper is easy to work with at any opportunity. The bright white makes for beautiful gradation of the colours and the consistent structure allows for both drawing quickly and working accurately. Suited for all dry-painting techniques and pencils of all degrees of hardness.

With a weight of 120 gsm, the paper is pleasantly flexible. The 190gsm version, remains flexible but gives that extra strength required for continued workability.

The pads are available glued on top or spiral bound with micro perforation. In both cases, once removed from the pad, the sheets conform to the exact specified format size. Acid free and with high longevity.


Acryl 330

330 g/m²

For acrylic painting techniques, Hahnemühle is now offering a white paper with a linen texture and satin finish.

Multi-layered colour applications show optimum results on this special paper. The colours stay perfectly and shine brilliantly.


200 gsm, rough

This classic watercolour board is natural white, acid free, lightfast and extremely resistant to ageing. The Pads are glued and gauzed to ensure flatness when wet.

All sheets contain the “Cockerel” watermark and have 4-sided deckle edges. This board is suitable for all watercolour techniques, especially wet-on-wet painting, for creating effects with crisp and hard-edged colours, smooth washes and also for glazing.

The board is also suitable for gouache and tempera.


Bamboo Sketch

105 gsm

Hahnemühle Bamboo 105 is the first sketch paper in the Hahnemühle Traditional FineArt Collection made of Bamboo fibres. The natural white paper which is extremely age resistant has a unique and rough surface suitable for sketch and drawing techniques. This warm toned, high quality paper allows excellent contrast and colour adherence. Because of the use of highly renewable bamboo grass Hahnemühle Bamboo 105 stands for natural and resource saving paper production.

Bamboo Carnet de Voyage

265 gsm


  • 15 sheets
  • landscape size
  • 15,3 x 25 cm
  • spiral bounded
  • natural white
  • acid free and age resistant
  • Paper made from 90 % Bamboo fibre and 10 % rag

Applicationswatercolour, acrylic and pastel painting technique, sketch and mixed media


200 gsm ROLL or sheets in 200g or 250g


Fine white drawing paper, acid free, double sized, opaque, withstands repeated erasures. For technical and artistic drawings